Thursday, September 18, 2008

.and i was just a virgin- a baby.

.it's funny how one comes into something new a virgin, a baby, innocent, and still young. you don't know anything better but to believe that there is actually some sort of good in someone. you don't have any reason to think about anyone differently then how you should first perceive someone. and what's just as funny is how quick someone can unvail their true selves.

.i find myself going through this now, thinking that i knew someone when all in all, i know nothing about them. everything that i once loved about them turned out to be lies or just a form of lust in a NON HOMO WAY!. it really just blows my mind on how things can change. what's really mind blowing is that people are changing who they really are just to please someone else. i think that is pathethic. and what's even more pathetic is the fakeness around them.

.i guess coming into some things with no experience and pure innocence, doesn't always work. when i look back, i realize all the negativity that my eyes kept blind from me. i don't understand why people judge and are phoney and unreal. it truly amazes me.

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