Saturday, November 29, 2008

.ladies is pimps too-go & brush ya shoulders off.

.recently i had a conversation with a good friend about how females are alike as males when it comes to things that are done while in a relationship. after lightly discussing it, i've realized that women are like men but of course we are totally different.

.many times men make stupid and silly mistakes such as dating more than one girl without letting it be known that it's happening, they are "messing" around with numerous people. and yet they are doing this, they never really seems to care or think about the people at hand in which they are hurting. the only person that's on their mind is themselves. women are capable of doing the same thing, they actually do the same exact thing, but it's not as commonly done as it is with men. see with women, in my perspective and from what was told to me, we are very coniving. we know exactly what to do to get what we want. yes men can be guilty of this too, but it is far more different with women. a lot of times women do their research, we think about all the parties involved before we do what we have to do. we know exactly what to say, who to say it to, and how it would work out in our interest. it's actually pretty sad and disgusting now that i think about it. how people can just be so evil and would intentionally hurt someone for their own personal pleasures. and even though you will see or hear the saying constantly "niggas aint s**t", females aren't really too far behind the men. we are just like guys and at times even worse. maybe it's because we've been hurt in the past-probably when we were younger and immature and really didn't know ourselves enough to be faithful-so we take it in and conform to the very thing that made us the way we are. it's a huge cycle. a circle of deceit, in which noone is guilter than the next. and that exact point, should be recognized and not looked over because it's in a guys nature to roam-in the beginning.

.people have asked me if i'd do such a thing. i don't intend to but i won't say that i won't do it. i don't know what will happen in my future but i hope to try to avoid hurting someone's feelings. i do know that i will never intentionally hurt someone. that's gay. i think that all of this can be avoided if people just stopped taking things that happend when we were like 12 into consideration. not everyone will experience love at 12. just grow and learn with your eyes open and then you will learn to further realize that both the mistakes that we-both male and female- have made were amongst the most immature times of our lives. if one did that, i bet 25% of the wrongdoers, would stop. idk. that's just what i think.

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