Wednesday, December 10, 2008

.we can do this every weekend.-?

.why is it that people can just walk away from casual sex or something sexual? i don't understand that. how can you open up your body or show someone parts of you and then act as if it didn't happen. why do they deserve you that way? and why don't you have some kind of attachment? i'm not knocking those who can have such casual relationships, i'm just sincerely interested in why their minds can let that happen. don't they have a conscience? or is it strictly about pleasing the physical and having the ability to forget. but doesn't it bother you just a bit when that person doesn't speak to you every time they see you, or if you don't hear from them after a while. you aren't even a thought in their minds.

.how can we people, who love because it's about of our nature, come to a point in their lives that we've allowed ourselves to become intimate with someone yet act as though they don't fade us. that's amazing to me. what chemical inbalances do some people possess that others don't. what happend that you can push all emotional attachments aside and keep it strictly physical. i'd feel like i'm used. you only call me when you want ONE thing from me. it's not even like you ask for favors on the regular, but when you text me i know what to expect? i can't put myself through that.
kudos to those who can. i can't even imagine doing that.

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