Wednesday, December 24, 2008

.just because i'm losing, don't mean i've lost.

.i'm tired of this. i'm done with the whole thing. i don't even know why i'm your friend anymore. despite all that you've told me about how you feel, the bottom line is that you are still with her and it just makes me dumb to hold on to words that have no meaning behind them. i'm happy that you can please someone and right now i'm ok that it's not me. the run around on chirstmas tho? like forreal? you've disappointed me time and time again. and i'm thinking well hey you never know bianca, maybe things will look good for you. BUT YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW THAT THINGS WON'T CHANGE AND THAT AT THE END OF THE DAY, I'LL ALWAYS REMAIN THE OTHER GIRL.

fck this. merry christmas everyone.

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