Sunday, January 4, 2009

.i don't like it unless it's BRAND NEW.

.the year 2009.

wow. i'm so thankful that i made it to this year. there's so much that has been going on in my life mentally, spiritually, and pyshically, [not so much physically, but some things went down lol] to the point where i've thought* lost myself along the way, but i'm still here. im so anxious about what's to come. i'm ready to embrace all that is coming my way and i'm ready to keep God first.

.though it's time to let some things go i'm kind of nervous about it. well not nervous but i guess it's because i'm going to miss the past. but in order to fully grow you must let go of the past- well that's what i was told. but i'm the kind of person that holds the past near to my heart. but i'm ready to go into this year not doing that. but i have a whole theory about the past. i feel that if it really made a profound change in your life, then it's not meant for you to forget or just move on. i think you are supposed to take that event,situation, person, with you as you continue to grow, because they or it was a part of you. or even if you really have a connection with someone, it will always be there. so i guess leaving the past behind is hard for me due to my theories of life. so these next couples of months may be a bit difficult for me to adjust to these changes. i've grown to be accustomed to these things to stepping out of the norm is a bit scary i guess. however; i like change. it makes me appreciate what i had and see what i wasn't giving myself at the same time.idk. i just miss my bookie right now.

.i didn't do the whole "resolution" thing. i feel that i don't need a new day or year rather, to make myself change. i changed over 4 months of thee most unpredictable events and i'm pretty content with the person that i've become. but for those of you who do do that, by all means, good luck and i hope that it doesn't end when valentine's day comes along.

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