Wednesday, January 21, 2009

.i gotta live with the fact i did you wrong forever.

.when do people get over things? and when you realllllly trrruuulllly hurt someone so bad, do you really live with that pain, that struggle, for a long time or even forever? i was sitting back and thinking about that. i'm the kind of person that's all about forgiving and not forgetting, but moving on. things happen in our past that we can't control and most we can control but i put in the situations surrounding the situation that has happend. i don't like to dwell and think about the pain that i've caused you, because if you do that then you can't move on. No i'm not going to forget and just go back to the way things used to be, ignoring my faults, but i'm going try my best to make it comfortable without the awkwardness. besides, what's forgiveness if you are ultimately going to change how you act around someone after they did you wrong. what's trust or faith if you are still going to think about how wrong you were did and let that consume you. if you trust this person and have faith that they are truly sorry then you have no choice to forgive them. i don't know maybe that's how i feel about guys because as i'm sitting here thinking, i'd forgive a man for hurting me and i'd just drop the female from my life. i don't want to be unfair but it's true. in most cases i've stopped talking to some of my female friends for saying wreckless things and yet i've forgiven and even gone out on dates with guys who've done, who made a wreckless action! I don't want to discriminate amongst the genders. but i can say that i've forgiven those girls and i've forgotten and i'm not mad at them! i just act as if they don't exist lol. i guess that's as worse as holding a grudge.

but i do want to say this. if i've heart the one that i loved so much deeply and blah blah blah, i'd live with the fact i did him or her [if it's my family] wrong forever. though they might be able to forgive me or might not be able, they wouldn't deserve that. so i guess depending on the situation you would live with that fact.

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