Tuesday, January 27, 2009

.im just fighting temptation.

.so my friend asks me what's wrong with her, why is she so weak? she's had a couple of interactions with some guys that she doesn't know and it's just slobbing faces, touching and feeling but yet she feels that she's not that strong enough to say stop. i realllly don't know what to say about this situation and she asked me if i thought she was easy. and i don't want to give that title to anyone and no i don't think she's easy but she does need control that urge to possibly jump that person's bones without really knowing them. but the question is, how do you really fight temptation. i know personally the fight is STRONG, TOUGH, and REALLY CLOSE!

the definition of temptation is enticement or allurement.

.it's sooo very hard to turn down something enticing. especially when it calls your name from all over and it looks soo good but IT'S BAD! it's always bad to fall into temptation with someone that you don't know. you could be putting yourself at risks, and even though you deal with the fustrations of not giving it and getting that good feeling, you don't want to do anything that will damage you emotionally and physically. that's all i can say, that's the best advice i can give. lol i don't want to say do this when i do that. it's so hard to fight temptation. not too hard down here at Hampton, but it's still a struggle, there are a couple of cute guys. but even though it may be innocent kissing you never know what guys are saying. they gossip as much as girls and however minutes of pleasure you get from feeding into the temptation, it's not worth the other mess. i like to feel like this person truly wants me, not just wants me so he can get what he wants then bounce. but there is one person that i'll always give into the temptation too and that's hella dangerous. i'm scared lol.

.bottomline is ladies, being easy is something that noone besides yourself can tell you. and yes it looks good, becareful. if you don't know him don't let him get that special stuff. it's special whether you've been with 1 guy 2 or even 10 guys. it's still something that should be kept a little bit longer than a day or a couple of texts. that's just what i do and how i think. i don't judge my girls that do what they have to do. lol. it's a cloudy forecast down here in Hampton. well at least where i stay. lol

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