Thursday, February 5, 2009

.i see ya jealousy-as you're watching.

.so i put my honesty box on facebook and i've been flooded with messages. idk if they are old ones that were sent to me and i got them now, but bottomline is that I got them. as i went through them i read about 60% of negative things. that's truly amazing to me. why do people posess jealousy? things were up there saying all kinds of rude things like that's why this person doesn't like me, i'm not all that and blah blah blah. like forreal? seriously? at the end of the day what does that accomplish? saying things behind my back says what? it just shows that you are a coward that wants what i have, something that you can't have. it's just gross. and some of those things were really mean too! like geez! forreal!?! i don't know. people are funny. especailly guys! this one guy keeps writing in my honesty box about a boy i used to talk to. like apparently he's supposed to be the guys friend, but he's telling me about how much of a jerk he was. honesty boxes are crazy. i don't want it anymore lol.

.i think i've only possessed jealousy once in my life and that was recent. it was this summer. i was jealous of this girl because she has the guy that has my heart. but i got over it, i don't even know this girl and i mean i shouldn't be too jealous of her because though the circumstances, he had feelings for me, so it's not like he didn't acknowledge me and i was just some weirdo lurking in the distance dreaming of him lol. but once i realized that I was possessing that odd feeling, i dropped it quickly and just thought about the goodtimes me and him shared which was definitely better than the things she was doing that day. lol i look at it that way.- well on thursday my day was better because i was with him! it's odd but it's how i got over it. and i'll never be jealous of her again. it's a learning process and i'm learning.

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angel said...

honesty box is a mess!!
i had one, and ppl started gettin reckless...just saying pure LIES.
so instead of reading the filth...i deleted it lol. flippin coons.

fyi - no one likes you, everyone LOVES you :)