Wednesday, February 4, 2009

.single, sexy and free.

.so the other night i was at this little get together and it was definitely something that i'm not used to lol but it was liberating. i felt comfortable in my own skin and i loved watching everyone around me feel the same and it made me think about my next posts. so many females hate on other females that are content with their lives and lovek themselves. i just went to a lingerie party and some of the most prettiest girls or girls with the nicest bodies were there, and i saw them for what they really look like and i'm not hating at all, but it made me realize that everyone has their flaws. it may not be physically, it may be mentally or even personality wise, but it's still a flaw. and seeing that really made me appreciate alll of my bombness.

.i just wanted to shout out all of the ladies who just don't care and walk around with stretch marks and celulite and just let it all hang out, but with their heads high. that's bomb to me. like kudos forreal. i think that's what guys think are sexy. walking around knowing that you got it and noone can take that from you. and it's ashame that females hate on others. just listening to females talk about others makes me sick. just appreciate what you have and be happy for one another. i have this friend who is INDIAN MEANING FROM INDIA! and he was telling me that they don't pay attention to every detail as we do in america. we live in the best country yet the meanest. it's truly amazing. i just wanted to say hold your head up booboo and keep doing you, cuz imma do meeeee!


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