Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i wrote your name on my wall 3000 times lastnight- you were on my mind,

.ever had a strong desire for someone? like you feel your bones aching for them to the point where you are weak and it's a struggle for you to walk. like you yearn for this person to the point where you can't focus on anything you're supposed to be doing, but instead you're focusing on them and everything you see you imagine them their with you, everything you think is about you and them together, intertwined as one? you lick your lips and think you taste the traces of them, you find yourself craving to be in their presence just for an hour. you look in the mirror and instead of your eyes, you see their eyes in yours, looking back at you. you get dressed in the morning as if you were going to see eachother though you are truly miles away? you imagine what it would be if they were with you that very moment- for all the moments in the day. you dream about them at night and wake up with a fast heartbeat and quick breathes because the thought of them made you excited. you trace your face with your fingertips the way they would, just so you can still feel connected to that moment in time you once shared, because now all you have is memories?

that's what you do to me.

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