Wednesday, February 11, 2009

.if you don't want me then don't talk to me.

.so i have a friend who was telling me about an issue of hers. she constantly forgives those who hurt and her and do her wrong but she often feels that once she forgives people, they quickly go back into their comfort zone. and she doesn't really know how to feel about that or accept that. she asked me what do i think about it and i mean i can strongly relate but i'm not sure what i exactly think, because even though i'm bothered by the thought of everything, i do find myself time and time again, not being strong and letting everything happen all over again.

.all i can say is that you need to get to a place where you're tired of getting walked all over. guys do what they do, simply because they can, and we let them. that disgusts me. that you can let someone subconsciously take advantage of you because they know the kind of person that you are. and you won't stand up for your hurt feelings. ugh. that makes me disgusted with myself for forgiving people for the dirtiest things that they've done and go on and continue to think of them the same way that i did before. am i weak minded? is that i need them in my life? clearly they don't need me if they aren't acting like it. just as i said before, let the man chase you, then why am i tapping him, asking him to chase me. i say just to detach yourself from that person or those people and just live your life. if you want something bad enough you'd go after it, but that has to be on both parts. why show interest in someone that isn't giving it all the way back. that is what i'm going to do and i hope that i can help my friend at the same time, and she'll find the courage to do it through my experiences. and maybe it's time to just let go. let go of that person because maybe they just let go of you. it's not as easy as it seems but it will get done.

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