Tuesday, February 3, 2009

,im sorry.

.i just realized that after reading what i've written in my blog, i may have hurt some people's feelings. some of the things i've said may stick out or sting people and it's not what my words are intended to do. this is my way of letting out some of the pain, and the words that i've described are words describing the pain that i feel or felt. i'm not saying that you are that person and only possess things that hurt me. clearly if i love you, then you aren't a horrible person, i see the great in you but these are the feelings that i feel. i hope that you can learn to except that's how i felt at the moment. these are thoughts that arise, some stay, but most are released into this blog. however, though i apologize for hurt feelings, please do understand this is the pain i feel. so it may sting you at the moment but this is pain i've felt. i'm done with discussing pain though. it was just to verify certain old posts.

ok loveee ya.

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