Sunday, February 1, 2009

.ill be loving you forever.

.so today is my beloved grandfather's birthday. he's been gone since 2004 which makes 5 years this november. i miss him so much. it's crazy that as the years go by, i miss him more and more. i wish that he was here to see all of my accomplishments and to meet the woman that i became and not just now the young girl that i was. it's so hard for me to deal with his leaving me. he was the only man that i could depend on. he meant the world to me and he's gone. it's crazy. you would think that with the time the wounds would have healed but they've remained open and if anything they've gotten sore. i know that he's over me watching down on me and smiling, telling me he loves me from heaven, but i'd do or give anything just to hear him, to hold his hand, to see his smile, to see him sign "i love you". he was such an honorable, respected, loving man. may he rest in peace. i'm going to stop here because i'll get too emotional.

R.I.P. William Young McDuffie.

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