Thursday, March 5, 2009

.i LOVE Trey Songz.

.i love Trey Songz. i just think that you all should know that. it's 120 in the morning and as i'm studying for my economics midterm, i stopped it all just to become mesmerized with his voice. I'm listening to the song "In the Middle" and i'm going to let you know what i hear and what i feel when i hear this song. it's like he's singing directly to me. this song becomes so personal to me as if it's just something between me and him. it's so weird that this song has that power to do it, but it just does. and this is what i feel.

restarting song. time is 122.
if i could be up in the middle of just wanna be up in the middle of..if i could be anywhere in the world i would be inside your skirt in you girl between your knees everyday of my life.. the desire of me burns deep inside him like that though? just to know that instead of being anywhere in the whole intire world that's filled with such beautiful treasures and exotic places, he wants to be with me. ugh. amazing. it's not just a physically desire though and with every note that he sings, it just seems so personal, so real. as if he's singing this song with his eyes closed and with this devilish frown, he's biting his lips because of he's so anxious, he imagines that girl that he just wants to be in the middle of right there in front of him. he makes me feel so sexy like everything that i offer his him is bomb and more. he's feeling the hell out of me and it's not me feeling him something serious for a change. he's know letting me know how much he appreciates me and it shows through the animalistic tone to his voice. that being with me is all that matters at all times of the day, at any place in the world. my being has consumed all that he's thinking.

ugh and that's so sexy. i can only imagine that id do that for someone.

i love Trey Songz.
end time 126.

back to studying.

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KayTeeMAD said...

sooo, i also adore trey. i definitely listen to him when i am studying. so many people sleep on him & that song *smh* at least you understand