Monday, March 2, 2009

.if this world were mine..

.if this world were mine.

id spend the night in your mind
making it so the thought of me would never leave you
you'd toss and turn all through the night, feeling around hoping to find-
-me, praying id never leave you.

.id give you the flowers, the birds and the bees.

no baby id give you all of me
open you up to a feeling of pure satisfication
making you the director of this film
no lights, maybe a camera, just action
id open all the secrets you hide
and face your fears with you
complete the things within you as i'm supposed to

.i would place at your feet, all that i own. you've been so good to me.

take me love, to the places of your fantasy
let me fulfill them and give you ectasy
treat you like no woman has ever done before
give you just enough, so you'd always want more
let you know that your body isn't the only thing i enjoy
but your mind is what makes takes me to the edge
takes me on that high where i'm searching for a hit, another taste
but tonight my goal is to do for you as you do to me and take you to that place
all thoughts and ponders are reality
our thoughts and ponders are reality
id have my way with you after you've had your way with me
reaching that place time and time again
without even touching
doing this all night.

.if this world were mine.

.....i'd spend the night in your mind.

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