Saturday, February 28, 2009


.AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!. i've been so overwhelmed with so much lately. i seriously need a vacation, some time alone, a break. it's getting out of control. right now life is just coming at me all kinds of ways. i have homework assignments i'm missing, tests that i'm not doing as well as i hoped for, car problems, my CD-ROM in my computer popped out the side of the laptop, it's just so much!!! i'm constantly asking God why?! I'm exhausted and i'm afraid that i'm going to just shut down or melt down rather. that's so scary to me. i can already see myself just snapping because of everything and i don't want to do that. and i've detached myself from certain people and situations. i'm feeling lost within myself. I guess it's just second semester. It can be a bit overwhelming.

.i know that i have many blessings that are coming my way so i will remain grateful and thankful to God and i know that he wouldn't bring me to something that i couldn't handle but Lord, i thought at least one thing would pass before another load would come, but it's all a test of faith and i'm definitely going to pass.

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