Monday, March 23, 2009

.nothing but Angels watching over me.

Dear God,

Forgive me for I have sinned. I've turned my back on you and only came to you when I needed you the most but not when I should have been there to worship you. I became selfish and only asked you for the things that I want but not what I need. I've put so many things and people before you and time and time again they let me down when you've always remained by my side. I've done things that shame you but you still love me. I've hated myself when all you did was stand by me. Lord I'm asking you not to give up on me, and don't let me go. I know I don't live a life that reflects your presence, but I know you are still there. I do feel you. Time again the devil is busy and tries to destroy me, but you always fight that battle for me and keep me safe. I've been hurt and I've fallen but I'm still here and my living is a testimony to your greatness. You've never left nor foresaken me and I'm grateful to you. I owe my life to you. Please Lord forgive me and help me stay focused on you. Thank you for blessing my life. Help me Lord to keep me first and please dear God have mercy upon my life and my actions.

Love you always,

.i decided to write that personal statement from me to God on here because so many of us tend to forget about God. we don't give him the praise that he's due. we've but so many worldly things in front of him forgetting that we must please him and with that, he'll give us all that we desire. i used to be really close with God but i fell off. i got caught up and i can really feel the difference from being in his presence and being out in the world. readers, know that God is real and he's out there, whether you want him or not, he's always there. try God and see the changes happen to your life. remember to keep him first and watch that he will do the same and watch his blessings unfold. I really love God, and I'm always thankful that he loves me too. Without his love, I would be lost, honestly. I'm not a weak person, not at all, but were times when i was slipping, and if God's love wasn't there to cover me, i'd be gone. I'm not embarassed. I'm just keeping it real.

be blessed.


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and I'm happy you put that up here...I don't know your personal testimony and I'm not asking you for it, but I know you've got some amazing strength. Much love! Be blessed & safe at Hampton!