Thursday, March 26, 2009

.she's a dancing machine.

.lol this is definitely a random entry. i just wanted the world of blogging know that I LOVE TO DANCE! lol. i mean i don't pop up into a routine if someone asked me to, nor am i some pro that sound be in a dance company, but i can definitely dance. i love going to parties and dancing. it just makes me feel so free and sexy. lol. [it's so funny because i write about anything but i feel so shy to write about this random topic] i listen to ALL kinds of music! REGGAE, SOCA, SALSA, MERENGUE, HIP HOP, CHICAGO TWO-STEP, CRUNK, R&B, JUKING MUSIC.. all! OH AND I CAN'T FORGET CLUB && HOUSE MUSIC! and i dance to them all. i know a lot of dance moves, more than some people would think. no lol i don't youtube all the latest songs and learn them, i just so happen to just know them ! ugh. i'm like dying to go to a bangin party where i can just dance my pain away lol.. it's so funny because in highschool and last year, i was definitely at every single party but now i hardly go. everyone is just chillin and having these "kick backs" but why do we have to be mature all the time and sit around and be social? lets party and dance.

lol this is sooo embarassing, but you guys know it all already but this year i've ripped like 3 pairs of pants from getting down literally lol mad fast in some tight pants in my room. smh. what can i say though? i'm a dancing machine.

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-V said...

lmaoooo! THREE? hahahaha
i wish i was there to see that!