Sunday, March 29, 2009

.you're a true friend; you're here 'til the end.

.shout out to my little sister for putting me up on Hanah Montana && kudos to Hanah for making one of thee best songs ever 'True Friend'

.i don't remember if i ever wrote on this, if i did, oh well lol i guess it's time for me to reiterate.

.i've been through so many friendships and friendly relationships it's ridiculous. i really can't say why that's so. i mean i just get over people just as fast as i fall in love with them. but i just wanted to say that those people who stuck around for my dramatics and allll of the other f a b u l o u s* things that make up me lol, that i love you and adore you. it's very hard for me to true friends. a lot of people seem to let me down and it's not because i hold high expectations. i've actually learned not to expect anything from people. i just embrace all that they give me. it's soo funny how this year it seems like i'm only cool with one female [from college] that i was cool with last year. it's the same people that i would have never imagined that i'd be friends with, that are actually there for me. that let me know that i'm special to them. that really means a lot to me. just letting someone know that you think of them goes along way. especially with me. i mean i don't want my friends to act gay and think that we are in a relationship. i do enjoy my space and i like to give space, but i don't know. i don't want to be gulliable like i am all the time, but i really appreciate my friendships that i have now. i make new friends everyday and i apprecaite them so much.

.i love my friends back at home too. i have 3 best friends. tamara, curtis, and jaleesa. and like 21 close friends. they are very supportive of me and my decisions. and they bring me back to reality. without them lol i'd be lost somewhere in wonderland probably in the some freaky mirror maze, judging myself. -- i'm so mean to myself .smh. i need to cut that out.

.i also love my friendship with him. its crazy that when i feel so bad and need to talk to him the most, that's when he appears. though i may speak a lot and he doesn't lol [which happens with most of my friends lol] he listens. i know that even if he doesn't always respond, or always ask, he's listening and he's caring. i hope he's a true friend in the long run. we can be friends forever if it was up to me.

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