Saturday, April 4, 2009

.it's getting hot in here.

.it's 80 degrees outside, but i've been feeling this summer deep within me since..
and f i n a l l y* this weather reflects the hot, sticky, glow that's been churning within.
most people complain about this weather, but I don't mind.
how the sun scorches my skin, is how your lust scorches my soul...
but it doesn't leave a burn, just traces of passion...
passion of being sunkissed, passion of being one.
Ooh the heat the earth makes.
the heat we make.
i love the summer.-- the world gets to feel how you make me feel inside.--everyday of my life.


that one said...


lol...okay--I'm done.
loved it though!

AR!3 said...

loving this so words that i can say will give it justice. and i love the new look of your blog.

-V said...