Friday, April 10, 2009

.feeling really unappreciated.

.I'm not writing this to make anyone feel sympathetic towards my feelings. This is simply what I'm feeling at this moment.

.how is it that you can walk past me, walk around me, stand next to me and act as if I don't even exist? What did I do to you to just disregard me in such a way? I hate that you make me feel like I'm n o o n e*. Its as if I don't even exist. You don't even appreciate my existence. If I never saw your face I wouldn't mind, because its evident that you've already forgotten mine.

.why can't you change? Why can't you just show me just a little bit that you do appreciate me. Everyday I realize more and more that everything I thought I felt were merely the love I imagined for you.

.why did you leave us? How could you leave us? My whole life you were there. Did that mean nothing. How is it that its been 4 months since we've spoken. Does it not bother you? Do you not even think of me? When you hear songs don't you think of me? Of how it used to be me and you all the time. Tea parties, rollercoasters, working out,michael jackson. That was us.or was it simply just me?

Maybe I just don't matter to you. To anyone. Its just me. J u s t* m e*. But I'm not weak. I'm just me?


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