Friday, April 10, 2009

.i took a night off...for you.

.do people truly desire people anymore? not desire their sex, but just them as a whole. desire their being, their presence. desire just speaking to them or just looking at them? desire to simply hold hands or play guitar hero. desire to just have a conversation. desire to hear their voice?

desire- to wish or long for; want; crave

it seems like nowadays, people only desire one another just for their sex. they do appreciate all the other things, but it isn't a desire. it's something that they'd like to do. they'd like to hear your voice, they'd like to hold hands etc. but they don't desire it. they don't desire you as a whole, but just a part.

.there are some people out there that do desire people in the way that i described, but it seems like most people just desire the sexual aspect.

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Anonymous said...

i completely agree with you B! its like no one really wants anyone for who they are, but for what they can get from them or what they can do with them. its sad, but like you said there are the fewwww (hopefully we'll find those guys one day), that really do desire people for the better things about them.