Sunday, April 19, 2009

.and a real woman knows a real man.

.UGH!. so let me telllllll you about this BOY who is just a disgrace. first of all i have a nintendo wii and a guitar hero. i told my roommates from the jump that i need to be asked or notified every time someone used it. that didn't happen and now my guitar is broken. i was at work when the whole thing went down but basically my roommate and the guy both admitted to playing the guitar so i told them they have to buy me another guitar. but basically to make a long story short, he's putting the whole blame on my roommate. not even living up to the fact that he did indeed play my guitar and contributed to it being broken. i offered to pay 40 dollars out of the 100 and let him and my roommate split it down to 30 each. this broke, disgusting, disgrace OF A NIGGA is like basically i can't afford it and i'm not trying to pay for it. i'm like i'm taking the L because i'm putting in 40 dollars when the last time i really played was in february. smh. my mom told me that i shouldn't have let people use my thing and i always kinda sidetracked it because i don't like to be the mean person and say no, but now i'm saying NO. forreal forreal. like im sorry you're so interested in the things that I have, but if you really want to play it, go to walmart or target and hop on that demo, because when things break-niggas can't live up to their responsibilities. ugh. that really just blew me. he's like he's my homie and that's why he called me to talk about it. PLEASE! that's just a mess. i feel sorry for him and i wished him a good life, but i'm afraid he's going to end up alone and miserable because of the way that he is. lol i'm not just saying that because he's not going to pay for the guitar, but because of how close-minded he is. && then he's about to fight these girls at this big party the other night? and instead of moving away fromt he girls he gets into a fight with, this nigga goes back over there and starts dancing in their face.


lost another person to say hellllo to.

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