Monday, April 27, 2009

.oh Hampton we never can make thee a song.

.wow at Hampton tho? i mean we are one thee most prestigious black universities in the country and this happens? it's crazy how you can just be thrown off. but it's crazy, this year there have been a lot of unnecessary fights amongst the freshman class, so I'm guessing that the boy came directly to his old residence for a particular reason, or a person. idk i'm not sure. i really don't know how i feel..especially with us having class today. && it's odd because none of the teachers asked us how we felt or anything. it's as if it didn't even happen and that's not right. i'm tired of Harvey and the schools Public Relations hiding everything all the time. this is something that the students who pay their money, need to know. but I just thank God that noone was killed and everyone is safe. I just pray for those boys that live in their dorm, I know that they are scared and worried. man this is wild. again. this is Hampton, not Howard. we are hamptonians! we don't do things like this. smh. i guess that goes to say that you never really know.

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Journey2Perfection said...

thats crazy, when i heard bout hampton, the first thing i said was "Oh Hampton, we never can make thee a song"