Wednesday, April 22, 2009

.but it's over now.

.so i've been talking to my friends about a lot of different situations and circumstances and a lot of it has to do with being totally over someone. and i'm not talking about the whole relationship/love thing. i'm talking about just being over people in general.

.see at first i thought it was me quite honestly. how you can just get on my nerves, how i just realize and observe new things about you, how childish you are, or simply how you're not on my level and then i accept that i'm over it and you. and i think that's absolutely ok. i mean why strive to make a friendship last when it's not being reciprocated ! !. friendships are still relationships. you have to give to get and compromise sometimes. i can't stand people that don't do that. who are just wrapped up into themselves and won't even try to make a change. i'm tired of being the only one who compromises myself to make others happy. what about my happiness? but am i a b!tch because i don't care anymore? that i just tapped out? maybe i realized that that friendship was only supposed to last for a while- ya know just for a season.?

.people need to start thinking forreal forreal, all that i'm doing for this person, deep down would they truly do this for me? do they really have me in their best interest? and if it was like that in the beginning and things change, then oh well.. move on && find other friends. it's ok to feel that way and give up on someone. we aren't supposed to be the best of friends with everyone we interact with. && some people just aren't who they seem to be at first. over time you grow to learn who they really are.

.i'm soo thankful that i know who my bestfriends are already. i have very close friends && regular friends too and i adore them. and i adore the friendships that we have and i won't be stressed if we happen to move on. when one door closes, another opens.

but i mean if i lose you, i lost one just as you did. it's life. and sadly. dear friend, i'm over it and over you.

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that one said...

sooooo...I was JUST having this convo today. It's partially why I had the tweet about getting a new phone and not giving anyone the number because I'm tired of halfway friends that only get at me when they need something, you know? Oh happens.

guess their season is up.