Monday, April 20, 2009

.the girls are talking.

.so is it just me? or am i even like this?

.i pay a lot of attention to the small details that people have about them. i peep the things that most people wouldn't think that i should see, or saw. and lately i've been paying attention to a lot of females and what they say and how they think. i really can't grasp the concept of talking about another female, calling her ugly, and all these other names. i mean forreal forreal, who made you Queen Bee of this hive of life? like forreal? i mean people are entitled to their own opinions and that's perfectly fine, but females are constantly judging eachother. there's always a comment about how this girl looks or how that girl dresses. i mean forreal that just displays ugliness. and real talk, who are we to determine what's acceptable or pretty? i don't even think that there is a set definition for pretty. i mean yea you can look it up and it means [pretty-having conventionally accepted elements of beauty] but there is no concrete definition that describes to the TEE what you are supposed to possess to be "pretty". i don't understand that about females. why are we so negative towards eachother? that's just awful. it doesn't make sense and it's truly uncalled for. why are you taking the time out to discuss that about someone? what's wrong with you? do you deep down have to feel a certain way or say things like that to boost yourself up? smh.

.being a female is a wonderful and beautiful thing, but it's things such as that, that we display, that makes me feel like ugh. because deep down, i know that someone is out there judging and laughing at me just like the people that i know do. evil. it's all pretty evil. i know i don't possess such qualities, but i have fallen short and made comments. i just hope to get that wackness out of me. ya know? cool.

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AR!3 said...

This is so true and pretty sad. I think women judge each other more than anyone. And it just really shows the maturity level of some people and how secure they are with themselves.

I know with me, I don't talk about people, but I usually noticed things on people that I wish I had. Like the first things I notice on anyone are if they have a nice smile, nice hair, or good clear skin. And i will definitely compliment someone before saying something bad about them. There is no point in pointing out someone elses flaws, I'm pretty sure they already know what they are.