Thursday, May 14, 2009

.can i come over.

.its 12:01 on May 14th. [my moms bday woohoo] and i'm sitting up mad awake and it's funny because i got up pretty early today because i had plans that didn't go through [story of my life] and yet i'm thinking about soo many people and so many things that i want to do. i wish i just had the balls to text him and say yoo! i want to see you, lets go for a ride but i doubt that he'd be down to do that. he probably wouldn't even respond to me lol smh. ugh. i hate being bored. it's horrible. i'd read a book but i've read all the books on my book shelf. i can't wait until i FINALLY get my new car. i'd be out. just going for a ride. learning new parts of my great state. finding something to do. going on a new adventure. i wish i had someone who'd do those things with me. take a random drive down to my apartment in VA and stay there for a weekend getaway. i'm too much of a hopeless romantic and i need to get that out of my head lol. that definitely isn't about to happen soooo moving on.

.i finally went skating yesterday and it was amazing. it's such a good way to exercise and release tension that's been in me for soo long. i can't wait to go again. and i got new wheels so ya girl will be leaving in august on a whole different level.

.i just want to see him that's all. and at it's crazy because all i've been catching myself thinking about is if he wants to see me too. if he thinks to reach out to me. yep. i want to see him. whoever he is.

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