Thursday, May 14, 2009

.do i want you because you're wonderful- or are you wonderful because i want you.

. we can't and we must not confuse ourselves with hmm how can i say this... we can't just go after someone because we emotionally want someone, physically want someone, or mentally. just because you feel a void in your life and you want a female or a male to fill that void, you must remember to keep your eyes open. we can't go into things strictly with our hearts and our mind thinking about what this new found love or new interest will bring. don't be blinded by the things that they hide, what some things may be brought to your attention time and time again. we can't be dumb!

.i've noticed a lot of times when we get hurt in relationships or situations, it's actually our own faults. we just decided to see things and not see things. and we can't do that. not saying that there won't be arguments and trials but forreal, you have to look out for the best interest in you. take time to figure out what you want before you go into something thinking they are giving you want you need and then fall deep into something thinking you're not alone, when you actually dug the hole for yourself.

.don't be afraid to love- i'm not saying that and don't put up a huge wall that detaches yourself emotionally because that will get you nowhere and alone, but just be smart. remember the pain that you once felt, remember the signs that you ignored and then grow to love. and also keep in mind, not everyone is like him or her that hurt your feelings. sometimes they are better than that other person and sometimes they may even be worse.

.please friends becareful. i see this a lot. don't make this person wonderful and bomb just because you want them. think are they reallllly wonderful without me?


Anonymous said...

I feel you girl, you really touched me, especially considering the countless times that nigga's have broken my heart. So do you currently have your eye on someone?

Bianca Lynn said...

nope.. i just have my eyes open. just going about my life day after day. embracing all that enters my life. lol

noone in particular has my eye.