Friday, May 8, 2009

.im not a businessman, i'm a business man.

.so this upcoming summer of 2009 is going to be a great summer. i'm definitely predicting it now. i was blessed to get a internship with Live with Regis and Kelly. i wanted to mention the whole interview process and all of that before but i didn't want to boast about something if i didn't get it. i remained humble and look now i will be amongst 9 others this summer interning for a live show on WABC-TV. it's so crazy now that i really sit down and think about it. i'm really making serious moves towards my future and even if i don't continue to persue something in the media, this is such a blessing and a great opportunity that many can't say that they've had. my days will be long. i have to work from 8am to 6pm UNPAID! but that's ok. i'll gain the knowledge that will intime bring in the money that i'm missing out on. i'm so excited to start! and it's in the city. ugh I LOVE NEW YORK CITY IN THE SUMMER TIME and i will be there all summer. i can only imagine. i'm proud of myself. and that's a great thing. i'll definitely keep you guys posted on all that i do and all the people i meet.

.dag like forreal i really feel old. not like oh man i miss my childhood, but i'm becoming an adult. going off to work in the city for a television show is something that i dreamed of and now i'm actually going to be doing it. and i'm going to be commuting all alone lol-- not that i haven't commuted from jersey to the city but idk i guess i'm definitely going to feel so much older than 19 this summer. i'm truly about to be on my grown woman. it's time to work on my business which of course is the establishment of Bianca Lynn Hammonds est. 1989.

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