Saturday, June 6, 2009

.love, so many people your name in vain.

i believe you're there and definitely exist but stay out of my way love because i don't want you. i don't want to love hard and be let down. at least not this summer anyways. i just want to have fun. and it's like you are everywhere. every time i read a new blog i see your name there. why are you so prevalent in people's mind, in their beings, in their heart? i'm not mad at it, but i don't want to talk about you all the time. there are more things in life than you. and besides not everyone is ready to have you around, so love stop pushing yourself upon people. and better yet, people stop pushing yourself upon love. i feel like the same way i'm feeling about love, is the same way love feels about you. love doesn't want to be pushed onto someone and doesn't want someone on them. even though i don't want you around, i am content with where you are in my life. the distant is perfect. you're almost reachable, but far enough to stay in the back on my mind. thanks love for showing me good times in the past, but futhermore; thanks for showing me pain that's made me go astray just a bit. but don't worry love, i'll be back. they say pain is pleasure...well for me it is.

:-* kisses to you love.


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KayTeeMAD said...

so i was just about to do a blog about how i felt about it.

lately i have been using it in vain & it became to clear to me when i was watching The, i cry everytime i see that movie but today i didn't & its because even though i want that feeling so bad, it might not want me at least not now. so i'm happy for allie and noah lol but right now love is not for me. if anything my commitment is to my education, my family & friends.

keep it up hun! you give me life!