Monday, July 20, 2009

.Dear Summer.

Its been such a long time since I've seen you and just as most things I enjoy, you're about to leave for long time. You've cried (23 days of rain) and so have I, we both got hot and bothered and we were both cool and chillin. I'm going to enjoy you the next couple of weeks while I can.

.This summer has been one out of the routine. I've been busy and to myself a lot. With my internship being so demanding, I spend most of my free time trying to sleep. I've had some good days with everyone. I didn't limit myself to one person, I got out and had fun with them all. I'm most proud of that. I didn't just stick to what's familiar to me. I ventured out and met a lot of great people and had great times. I do with I could have spent more time with what I know, but maybe its best we don't. It seems as if they've grown as I have and deep down we will always be connected so I don't sweat it. I've seen it happen with all my friendships. Every single one. Everyone ventured off, left me, did them at some point of our relationship. Lol I'm not sad about it. I'm actually grateful. It brings huge insight to the relationship.

.My new relationships. I'm excited to keep up with them. :) that should be interesting.

.But summer, summer, summer how ill miss thee. I shall cherish these next couple of weeks with you and those who deserve me the most lol. Its tough being demanded so I go to who's deserving lol jk. I love them alll. But chyea! Summer... I love you the most.

Hope you'll miss me as much as ill miss you.

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Tay said...

Dang you got me wanting to write a dear summer joint later on