Monday, July 27, 2009

.im goin in.

.first this is about getting things off my chest. so you don't have to read it if you don't like.

.so a lot has been bothering me lately & if you don't read my blog ill probably be telling you this soon.

.How you gonna come at me and blame me for everything? Constantly in my business searching for something I won't tell you. Obviously I'm not sharing my life with you for a reason. There is a negative motive behind what you do and its evident right now. Jealousy is written all over your face. Blaming me for something that you chose to do. I was burnt not you, they did it to me* you played the victim while I forgave because I knew what her place was to him and she can't hold a candle to me, yet you did otherwise and blame me? Get outtta here with all that. I'm really close to just getting over your life point blank period. Blood is thicker than water but your anemic, ya blood is looking real thin right now.

.Why are you upset about my relationship with her? Its not my fault that we get along as we do. Despite what you believe or even what you do, she makes the effort that you don't. Its all about effort-well at least for me, and she makes it therefore I kick it with her more often.

.Yo I swear if I hear one more disrespectful thing about Michael Jackson I'm going to go off. So what you didn't like him, I did. So what you weren't a fan, I was. I bet you don't want me to start pissing you off, I reallly doubt that's something you seriously want to do. So back off.

.So you really want me to move on? Please be certain with your motives and words because anything is possible. I may end up totally alone without ever experiencing anything like I have with you, with anyone else, but I'd be done. I can be alone and over you. Simple.

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KayTeeMAD said...

yeah i cannot take. but like you said to each his own. they have to let him rest in peace. like come one he has a family who has to listen to the negativity & the dirt they dig up every day

"leave me alone...just stop doggin me around"