Monday, July 27, 2009

.im gonnna make you love me.

-him "I think you have self esteem issues."
-me "I know I'm pretty and have a bomb personality..and believe it or not, at some point I get everyone I want. See self esteem as nothing to do with it, you're not with me and that has nothing to do with my self esteem."

.See idk what it is about me but I really do seem to get everything I want. I'm so grateful about it too. I'm not even trying to boast about it, its just something that happens. There hasn't been one person that I haven't had a crush on that I didn't get. Yea it may take time but as a human, that's ultimately waiting to die, time is all we have. I mean when I say I get these people it can be us going on a date, us chillin, or ultimately him wanting me when I don't want him. It gives me such an empowering feeling like "see I knew you were gonna want me". And it actually boosts my self esteem. It reassures me that whatever I put my mind to, I can achieve and that's so bomb. Lol it really is crazy though. Does it have something to do with my sign? Like looking back, every dude I've liked I bagged. Lol smh.

.However don't get it twisted, I may play them but I definitely got played too. And I'm woman enough to admit that. There must be some flaws to my macking. But I've only been hurt once. If someone was "playing" me, it didn't really matter because most likely, my heart was elsewhere- as it always is. I never keep it quite there.

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the sweetest girl. said...

lol bianca im the same way. i think bc im a just so effin stubborn. if you dont like me...believe me, your ass will!

this ashanti song is constantly in my head "your gonna miss this chick right here...youre gonna miss this chick i SWEAR."