Monday, July 27, 2009

.summer rain.

.just like the summer rain, you're so refreshing.

.I swear spending 3 hours with you awake and 5 sleep was so refreshing. It was something new. I felt so at peace and I didn't even feel awkward on the circumstances that we just met. I felt like I knew you. You are just simply a good feeling- a feeling that I've grown unfamiliar to. And sadly, oddly, luckily (I'm not quite sure yet) I got attached to it.- that good feeling of course. You didn't make a move, you let me be. I cracked up, probably snored and tossed and turned but you were soo sweet. Smh. It had me dizzy but trust, I'm not falling.

.Oh but don't worry sweetie, you are always a refreshing moment in my time. Thus is why you've become points on my time line. After all we discuss and argue about, you still make me smile and the time we spend when we are together seems timeless. From 8 to like 2 was all with you. Laughing, kissing ,hugging, looking, feeling, touching. It feels so natural with you. And after what 2 years of this, I don't get tired of it. Hmm I wonder if you get tired of it. I'm guessing no lol but hey it doesn't hurt to wonder.

.But what's crazy is that just as summer rain goes and quickly goes, are the same as my feelings. I get over it. The refreshing moment is quickly replaced by hot humidity, a thick fog trying to find comfort. I don't know if that's good or bad. How emotionally detached I can be. Or how I can just keep it all inside.

.My guards are always up, waiting for the day when he* will become the guard for me.

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