Friday, July 10, 2009

.imagine all the people.

Imagine if all the people in the world were ignorant?

-but wait? Are we all ignorant? Don't we all possess some kind of ignorance?

.recently at work Ive experienced multiple occassions with people who are ignorant and more importantly, lacked common sense. How is that you can go through life with such horrid traits? Its so sad because these people don't know how troubled they are. Its as if they live in a bubble. There really isn't any excuse that can justify those kind of actions and that kind of mindset.

.but let me explain why I said don't we all possess some kind of ignorance. Not everyone thinks as we do and depending on the area that we grew up in, the influences in our lives, and the moral instillations, we are going to be called or thought of as being ignorant one day in our life. I'm sure people think I'm ignorant when I fail to compromise and purposelly make people upset once they've upset me. Its childish and some of the things I say can be ignorant and I can accept that. I don't pat myself on the back but I acknowledge it.

.oh acknowledging, accepting.. Its always the 1st step. And that 1st step is all the motivation one needs for change.

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