Tuesday, July 7, 2009

.it don't matter if you're black or white.

.so i asked the question today, what is the difference between white couples and black couples, because i'm truly interested in the answer. i'm not sure what the statistics are but these are some of the things that i've noticed.

.so out of all my friends that are my age and some even younger, most of my white friends are in relationships that have lasted longer than a year and they aren't pregnant or mothers. somehow they have made their relationship work, and i hardly hear of infidelity amongst their relationship. i mean there are some whites that do cheat, i have watched some jerry springer episodes, but i mean it's so admiring how these white boys show their love and admiration to their girl friends and yet our black men run from commitment and hardly show affection.

- now as a black woman, do i want a black man that's full of affection and love. yes i do. i love to feel all warm inside and beautiful and all of that. no i'm not saying that i want someone that's really sensitive but IT'S OK to say sweet things and do sweet things for your girlfriend. and even better, it's ok to be in a relationship! why is that you can't commit? wait let me rephrase, why can't you commit to a relationship? because i see black men committed to playing games and running games and doing what they please with tiny regards to what the female feels.

.then when i look at white couples, i see that they are married young, and then married for years. their relationships seem to last such a long time. the devotion, communication and dedication to the relationship is still prevalent. that truly amazes me. i'm not saying that whites are perfect, but what is that they do that they seem to be perfect? they hide their issues and furthermore, they deal with the problem themselves. they do what needs to be done for the family, to keep their vows and they stay together for the kids. they work on forgiveness.

-why as blacks, can we not forgive? forgiveness is a wonderful thing. i'm so thankful that i have the heart of forgiveness. i'm able to forgive others and i just realized that it will help me in my marriage. also blacks get married at an older age. we are too busy sowing our wild oats rather than starting to work towards perfection with that one that we push to the back until we are ready to settle down. smh.

.i love being black. it's such a beautiful thing, we are a beautiful people of different shades, textures and backgrounds, but i'm afraid for my people. i'm afraid that we won't ever be happy when it comes to love. i'm not afraid to get married, i want to get married, i dream of being a wife. i'm afraid i won't get married because of what our people are becoming accustomed to. i'm afraid that we will never be ready mentally and physically. we will always be first to judge and give up, we won't do what's best for the family yet we'd be selfish and do what's best for us. we won't realize that it's a team effort and that there are no "i's" in team. we can barely last in a regular relationship. trust is an issue that we have, loyalty is an issue that we have. it scares me so much.

...idk that was just something i was pondering...

Mongrel_Messiah @amazingbianca and a big diff, social konditioning. black males grow up thinking being kool=having alot of gurls. white ppl dont really

^my homie trilbert wanted me to add that. [it's a twitter comment for those who don't tweet]

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