Monday, August 31, 2009

.and we're doing it again.

.junior year.

i remember going into to freshman year. -sad because of my family
i remember going into to sophmore year. -sad because of him smh lol

here i am at junior year. -excited and happy for some odd reason.

.things are looking pretty swell and sexy. i just don't really care about anyone but i and it's all about me and getting what i want.
.and i want success.
.and i want happiness.
.and i will not lose ever.

.it's also odd. like i feel dumb young and now i'm looking at these freshman and they look like babies. and i remember looking at the juniors when i was a freshman and they looked older and now i'm in that position. am i cool or older looking to these freshman?

.this year i'm not going to be mean to the people i didn't talk to last year. i'll be nice to those fellas who i quickly dismissed lol. idk everything just feels different this time around.

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