Monday, August 3, 2009

.when the money goes, will the honies stay?

.gold diggers.

.i know a lot of females that are strictly about the man's money. i think that's terrible. women have a fit once they find out that a man is strictly after that one thing but yet find it ok just to want a man for their money? i know alot of women -grown women- who date and get with men that aren't even attractive but yet all they see is dollar signs. when did money become that important that you will be a mistress or downgrade yourself just so that you can be happy with the material things that life has to offer? did it ever occur to you that you perish while your material things stay and eventually, those things will be thrown away?

.don't get me wrong ladies, i'm not saying that i'm all for a man without money. of course i want to be taken care of but i don't want to be dependent on the income. i don't want to be with someone simply because of what they can offer me, and besides most men are extremely stingy with giving things up. it's like you have to give something up to get something in return. when did giving gifts become like that?

."I don’t know how much it cost but I know this b-tch is bad,
walking to that register like I didn’t know it had a tag
I’m no liar I don’t front Imma buy her what she wants,
cuz a queen supposed to get what she desire what she wants,
if my lady likes to eat, i’m gon buy her restaurant,
and she such a boss b-tch she can hire who she wants,
she can help me blow this cream, she the fire to my blunt,".

fab said that and i really dig that. i feel like if the man is like that, meaning if he wants to spend his money on you then it's absolutely fine to take the gifts or let him splurge on you. i just wouldn't go out there looking for the man with the money because that's not all it's about. why don't you make it so that he wants to spend his money on you. that would mean a lot more to me than me just trying to get a new outfit. i wanna know that i'm cared about enough that this dude is dropping stacks like tomorrow was the end of the world. :)

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Dominique said...

Word diggers give the rest of us hard working females a bad name.