Sunday, August 2, 2009

.a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.

.double standards. part one.

.why is ok that guys can think about sex and what sex all the time but it's OD ; way too much ; unladylike when a female thinks the same things that men do. why does it have to be an issue? why can't a female want sex just as much or even more than a man? why does she have to be wrong for that? i mean i'm not talking about the about the whores that like to be sexed up all openly, i'm simply talking about the females that enjoy getting jiggy and everything about it. why is it wrong that she wants what she desires at a different rate than another woman? why must that other woman be a judge? i mean you can't help that the other woman enjoys sex more than you do. what if she is better at sex than you are or sees sex as an action that pleases her man, if she loves to please, then it's something she wants regularly? i really don't get it. women are all about stopping the double standards yet they don't. they are still judging other females for their decisions sexually.

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Posh Culture said...

It is so true..when women do something then OMG she is a whore but when a guy does it..its just fine..
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