Monday, September 14, 2009

.forgiveness ; its more than saying sorry.

.my friends hate that i forgave this certain someone; they think i'm a fool.

.i don't think i am.

.sometimes you have to accept that what you would and wouldn't do in situation isn't the best thing that would work out for someone else's because when it's all said and done it was me and you, not me, you and them.

.i feel kind of bad at times for telling my friends my sad stories of when i'm hurt, because they don't let go of the pain when I do. making them hate the fact i'm still your friend.

.ehh the gayness that comes along with being a girl.

.today i saw an old friend; lol she's still awkward and doesn't know how to react to seeing me just yet. it doesn't bother me though that we aren't friends anymore i guess. she helped me become a better person to others. hopefully she won't be so stuck on one side that she won't be blinded to being in the middle..riding the fence.

.i had a convo last night with my roommate and we were talking about passing judgment on people before we really know the truth or even holding judgment on someone just based off of a terrible lie. i wanted to say i hope ya'll don't do that. don't go picking and looking for things that will get you hurt and cause you to not trust, i may sound naive but i'd rather be happy being blind that hurt with my eyes open to catch every little thing that will hurt me.

.idk that's just me.

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Edie...V! said...

The part about your old friend...

It's not about being awkward it's about being real..There's no need to rehash or anything but I've never been a fence rider and I don't change my stance to often. I don't have any feelings of ill will towards you but its easier, in my opinion, to drop the facade and just not say anything to one another. period. You had some pretty strong feelings towards me last year so no need pretending to be civil or the bigger person now. I don't need it.

P.S. Sahara txt me over the summer and I seriously forgot how funny she is...all I could think about was that time she was dancing LOL!