Sunday, September 20, 2009

.i wish that i could i run that back.

.these are MY* mistakes.

.i totally get the importance of advice. i truly do but sometimes i feel that people don't let me learn or live from my own mistakes. and this could go for you as well; maybe you feel that people don't let you learn from your mistakes. i just wish that people will recognize -even myself- that you can't solve everyone else's problems nor can you change their mind to think the way you do. you can only present a solution based off of your experience and then be there when they fall. i personally like to experience some things on my own. i feel like i make the decisions I do because that's who I am. yes i make stupid decisions, hurtful decisions, and silly decisions, but that's me. i have to live in my body with my brain and my heart. i'm sorry that i can't bounce back and be that person you'd like me to be or learn faster from my mistakes.

.it turns out that i've made yet another mistake. you do know that life is about trial and error right? welp yes i've made a new mistake. i wish that i didn't but hey it's already done. and i can honestly see how much i've progressed. me 2 or 3 years ago would have handled it totally differently than how i'm handling it now. i make things as if though they've never happened.- i know i know some say it's bad, but i mean if i know that you aren't going to be a persistent figure in my life, more than likely i'll forget your existence, so i might as well start the process now.

.i know that i may seem difficult or close-minded but it's the only way i know how to protect myself. it may not get me too far or it may not bring me total uber happiness but i'm content with where it's gotten me. this is probably the most ignorant way to be, but i've learned from my mistakes, continuous and some just one timers. i can't become that person that people want me to become.

..and this begins another post.

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