Wednesday, September 23, 2009

.oh please.

.so i was so very tempted to touch on this subject but who cares, THIS IS MY BLOG, so i shall write and say whatever it is i'd like.

.to Ms. Edie V.
`yes i had extremely strong feelings towards you last year because just as i wasn't the person you thought i was, neither were you. i stood by you when you made a decision that i would never make nor do i stand for. you told me i had bad character and all of that crap, you didn't even talk to me during christmas break last year because you wanted to see if our friendship was worth it. you are not my man, you aren't even a man. so for me to feel a certain way about it on MY BLOG is definitely fine and dandy. however; as i do with everyone who means or meant something special to me, i forgive yet i don't forget. i think it's petty to sit around and look and act dumb around eachother. if i see you i'll speak, my mother taught me better than that. there's no reason for you to come onto my blog, invade* my world, and comment on a post to give me your opinion. all i said was hello, that's all i needed from you. any forms of communication after this. "i don't need it". never knew you even existed on blogger, and here you are, in my world with access to everything i think. if you want nothing to do with me, stay out of it then.

sorry folks, but i don't like when people have something to say about something they weren't even invited to. anyone can read my blog sure but don't comment on some crap talking about it's petty and don't be the bigger person and blah blah blah you don't need it. just go on about your business. whenever you look at me i'll speak, i may be mean, may have a terrible character, two-faced and all that crap you like to add onto my name but i'm not rude, i do have manners. just leave me alone. let me write about what i want. i wasn't even thinking about you that much when i wrote it. ughh.
you guys will never see this again. i only posted it since she invaded my space.

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