Sunday, October 4, 2009

..and i wonder how it feels..

.so i have a friend who normally get ALL the compliments. and quite frankly, i love it. i hate being bothered by random dudes and harassed and all that. it's soo annoying. every other day someone is hitting on you and it's just like i'm not interested but yet they just keep on trying and so your like uhh ok here's my number but then save it in your phone as eww; or don't pick up. lol BUT now i'm getting more compliments when i'm around her than normal and it seems like she has a bit of a problem with it. i don't want to go right out and say oh she's jealous because it may not be that serious, but it's definitely something that i've noticed. it's like when people compliment me she's just like hmmm yea ok. but i'm like what's the problem? why can't people compliment me or think of me this way. it's really crazy actually. to see how people act when the attention is off of them for a change. at first this didn't really bother me, but now it kind of is. so what if i'm enjoying it and actually saying these things about myself. i get compliments a lot from people, but never from me. so if i want to boast about some things then i will. don't be mad though, you're still beautiful, but it's my time to shine. don't try to knock it down, because you're making a loud fuss over it letting people know how you truly feel. don't get me wrong, it's definitely ok to feel the way that you do, it's just not ok to publically voice that concern especially if you are my friend.

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