Sunday, October 4, 2009

.oh you nasty girl.

.have you ever really seen someone for who they truly are?.

`peep. i know someone who is bomb. no she's not exotic :p but she's gorgeous. she's stopped or at least admired by a new dude or even girl every day. i'm definitely not hating; however she's really nasty like dirty. and it's so funny to me because it's like i see the real her. i see how she doesn't take care of herself as she should. and that's a problem for me. i always seem to know someone's dirty little secret and in this case it's literally dirty. and i'm not a hater. it really does NOT matter to me about the attention that she gets but it's like i always want to tell people the truth of how gross this girl is. i'm so thankful that i just know the amount that i do know and i don't really know the extent to her nastiness. but knowing the truth makes me want to tell her. let her know but knowing the kind of stubborn person that she is, she's take it offensively and attack me. until then i guess i guess i'll just sit back and watch the world galvanize over something that isn't what's she's cracked up to be.

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