Monday, October 5, 2009

.can i please have a moment of silence.

.right now i'm in a funk. and what's making in harder for me being in this funk is that fact that i'm surrounded by strong personalities. i mean i don't mean to snap or flip ish but i feel like i always listen to people's sides or reasons, but i feel like when i just want to put how i feel out there, it's not being listened and if i approach the situation, then it's going to be my fault. it's always my fault, and then i'm in the wrong when i get defensive about it always being my fault. it's like wait! do you want me to just sit back and let you say whatever you want? um no. like it's crazy. and i don't want to feel this way. but this is what happens when i hang around a lot of females. i need some testosterone in my life.

.i want to just sit back and be quiet. but when i do, then that's an issue too. idk. see this is what i mean when i say i don't even know myself. like idk what's going on. i always get into this hampton funk. i just feel like ahhh! but you'd think that these people that "know me" would understand. but they never do.

.being a girl is gay on this day.

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Anonymous said...

so, im reading your blog and as a friend i respond whole heartedly. Being around strong personalities 24/7 can be alot! trust me, i know. But you have to learn how to manage it, and know that not everyone is attacking you. Its not what you say but how u say it and it can be extremely defensive. It is all great to say what you have to say but step back and observe how you say it..everyone has to step outside themselves sometimes and see what they do that really bothers people. I do it sometimes, and its all about checkin it. Noone is the perfect person, and i think you are amazing, but lighten up girl. not everything has to be taken to that level. dont be so defensive, especially with your friends who adore you.

but its minor, i love you, and i just felt that a response was necessary :)