Monday, October 5, 2009



.i know several people who have had abortions. and thought that what |t h e y*| did, that is something that i simply cannot do. i was big enough to lay down and slip up then i will be big enough to keep my child. the thought of killing something that is a part of me scares me. and i think i'm even more sensitive to the subject because my father wanted to abort me. he has two children that are 9 months apart. he told me "i wasn't ready to be a dad again" and i said "i'm so thankful for my mom for loving me". she wasn't in the best of the best when it comes to financial support but she did it. and i would do it. i 'd learn to survive and keep my child. i know someone who had only one abortion and lost the ability to have children. she told me if she could go back to anything it would be that. a young mistake that you live with forever. yea it doesn't happen to most cases, but it happens. i just can't. and right now i hate the fact that close to me is having another* abortion.

.smh :/.

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