Tuesday, October 27, 2009

.holla back youngin.

.i have all these crushes, i won't do a thing about. i won't even tell them that i have a crush. i just like liking someone new then i get over. it passes by the time while i'm in school. i really just like the feeling of butterflies and all of that. i still get nervous when i call boys on the phone lol. i'm such a kid. i truly* try not to be though. but what's wrong with that anyways? yea i'm growing up and i don't have that child mentality anymore. you can easily see that though im 19, i'm very mature for my age, but i still act like a child in certain situations. i feel the only problem with it is being naive. but we've already addressed that i'm naive. i don't want to change it though. i feel that is holds on to whatever innocence is left in the world.

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