Tuesday, October 27, 2009

.that girl is not your friend.

.due to people telling me what they think i'd like to hear, for the past couple of months i've been pondering if what my friends* say is true. i mean they are my friends so i hear what they really feel and it makes me think hmmm maybe they feel the same about me and they really aren't my friend either. maybe i'm just here to pass the time?

`lol i'm trippin.

.i easily fall in love with new friends. it's like a new crush to me. i'll be over it soon enough though..

.is it bad to want to see your friend fall? even when you've tried to humble them down but yet they still think that they've got it all figured out and they just know it alllllll?
`i'd really like your opinion.
.i feel that it's wrong and you shouldn't want your friend to fall but sometimes them falling is necessary. i have an acquaintance who swears up and down she knows all about boys, all about life, all about everything and if you try to explain to her that she in fact doesn't know it all* she gets mad. like she's overly confident and i feel like she's so far gone the only thing that will bring her back to reality is falling. but then again she isn't really my friend. i hope you guys don't think i'm hating or anything because that's most definitely not it. i'm just saying we all need to be humbled down and sometimes that happens in ways that we wouldn't like.


Tay said...

It is bad to wish that on someone but it does take something to happen for people to change their ways and open up their eyes.

Ashley A. said...

I don't think it's bad...I think I ask for people to be humbled without being humiliated. I think that's what's best, some people just don't get it...