Saturday, October 31, 2009

.i see your true colors.

.you may seem to be this great person that everyone wants to know and be friends with but deep down you truly aren't that person that you appear to be. you aren't this friend* who genuinely cares about others. i hear and see you talk about people who you smile infront of when they are around. how can i trust that you aren't doing the same. i feel like you use me and it's crazy because he and others told me that they didn't like you; that you talk too much about things you have no idea about.- but i kept telling them you weren't like that but it has finally prevailed. you are selfish and i honestly don't trust anything that you say. you use me for everything just so that you can better yourself. you aren't a genuine person and that's sad, there are a lot of people who care for you but it's obvious that it's not the same. but i can dig it. i know how to play the cards the right way now and i know that i need to filter our relationship. i hate to do it but i've been through a lot of friends so it's not that difficult to do. i can definitely see your true colors though.

`you aren't what you're caked up to be.

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