Saturday, October 31, 2009

.i got a boyfriend now.

.why is that when females get boyfriends, they disconnect themselves from their friends?

.what is it about having a boyfriend that makes one forget about the people who were there from the start? yes i definitely understand that one will have to spend more time with their boyfriend since they are in a more serious relationship but you can't just leave your friends hanging.

`i have a friend who dumped all of her friends for her boyfriend. she basically disappeared off the face of the earth and now that she and him are going through things and have broken up and gotten back together she is trying to come back to the friendship. i honestly am over it and i've told her that things will never be the same. it's way too much to update her on my life and it was truly unnecessary to just abandon the people who were there for you when noone else was. i wasn't asking to go on dates with her or anything but i missed my friend; my best friend and she didn't care enough about how i felt so i let her go and now she wants to be back. i mean i'll embrace her and everything but as i said, things will not be the same. we've grown apart in some aspects for better and for worse.

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